Walking Stick Palm (Linospadix monostachya)


  • Australian Native
  • Indoors well lit
  • Part Shade
  • Great for pots

The Walking Stick Palm was used by wounded Australian diggers when they returned from World War 1.

The stem of the palm, which can grow up to 3M in length was sanded, polished and cut to length.

The root ball was cleaned up to leave a ball at the end, making an excellent hand grip.

The miniature Australian native palm produces a single stem with a dense crown of full dark green leaves which are broad and narrow with square ends. The flowering spike is long and slender, arching downwards. Fruit grows along the length of the flower spike after flowering and is red in colour. This palm prefers a full shade position in a moist environment, and is also ideal for an indoor plant.

200ml – $35
140ml – $15