Syagrus romanzoffiana (Cocos Palm)


The Syagrus romanzoffiana or Cocos Palm are a fast growing and handling both heat and cold, this palm is popular as a shade canopy in Victorian gardens.

It is a tall, single-trunked tree with a crown of deep green, thorn less fronds.  Syagrus romanzoffiana / Cocos Palm will require some pruning maintenance if planted close to pools, as it can flower and fruit quite frequently.

Grow in a sunny to partly shaded position, watering when the soil is almost dry.


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Light Requirements  

Part Shade to full sun


Outdoor, can be an indoor specimen if there is space


Water regularly all year more in summer, then back off over August. Mulch regularly to retain moisture levels. Unestablished plants and container specimens may require more frequent watering especially over summer.

Soil Type 

Prefers moist fertile soil. Slightly acidic. Can adapt to most soil types.

Fertilizing requirements 

The beginning of every season. Container plants can be fertilised less often with a slow release formula like Osmocote. Seasol monthly.

Victorian Growth rate 


Max and Minimum Temperature tolerance

Cold tolerant down to -4 degrees possibly a little bit colder.Can take repeated hard frosts once established. Juvenile plants need some shelter from strong frost and winds until mature fronds develop.

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