Introducing Envy Heat & Frost Protection for Plants – your garden’s new best friend against extreme weather conditions! Designed to safeguard your precious plants from both scorching heat and icy frost, our innovative solution ensures your garden thrives year-round.


  • Excessive moisture loss.
  • Light to medium frost.
  • Sunburn.
  • Salt spray & Windburn.
  • Wilting in hot dry conditions.
  • Transplanting losses

How Does it Work?

Envy frost protection works by creating a protective barrier around plants, shielding them from damaging frost conditions. This barrier is typically applied as a spray coating, which forms a thin, transparent film over the plant’s foliage. The film acts as an insulator, helping to retain heat and prevent frost from settling on the plant’s surface.

Key benefits of Envy frost protection include:

  • Insulation: The protective film helps to maintain a stable temperature around the plant, minimizing the impact of cold weather.
  • Transparency: It allows sunlight to penetrate, ensuring photosynthesis can continue even during frosty conditions.
  • Easy Application: Applied as a spray, it’s convenient to use and does not require extensive equipment.
  • Protection: Helps prevent frost damage to leaves and delicate plant tissues, promoting healthier growth and reducing the risk of frost-related losses.

Envy frost protection is particularly beneficial for vulnerable plants during frost-prone periods, offering a reliable method to safeguard their health and vitality.


500mm Bottle $49.50         ON SALE now at $26.50
1 Litre Bottle – $79            ON SALE now at $42.00
5 Litre Bottle $255            ON SALE now at $150.00

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