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    Can I pay with credit card?

    Yes you can, we take all credit cards.

    Do you deliver outside of Melbourne?

    Yes, we will deliver to all capital cities along the east coast.

    Can you organise the landscaping for my house?

    We can organise as much or as little as you require – from landscaping to just planting.

    How much will delivery cost me?

    If you live anywhere within the Melbourne metro area, the Gold Coast or Brisbane metro area, delivery is starting at $50. As our plants are raised in Queensland and kept in Melbourne, delivery costs to Sydney are higher, at $250. If you’re outside of these areas, contact us to arrange delivery and get a price.

    Do you plant the plants as well as deliver?

    If required, we can plant anything purchased within the Melbourne metro area. For areas outside this, we can arrange a landscaper to take care of the planting.

    Can you deliver fully grown palms?

    We can organise the delivery and planting of fully grown palms.

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