Cascade Palm (Chamaedorea atrovirens)


  • Outdoors part shade
  • Indoors filtered light
  • Warm position

The Cascade Palm or Chamaedorea atrovirens is a very attractive, trunk-less Mexican palm which splits and separates to form two growths which slowly develop into spreading clumps. Each crown has up to six upright to arching pinnate leaves.

The Cascade Palms are ideal for growing in containers and shady outdoor positions. Grow indoors in filtered bright light or outdoors in a partly shaded position in moist well drained soil, Keep soil moist.


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Light Requirements  

Full shade to part shade. Can be hardened of to sunny positions will, require more frequent watering over spring and summer


Indoor/ Outdoor


Water regularly in the warmer months, when overnight temperatures are consistently over 8-10 degrees C. Water less in winter .It’s often best when watering indoor plants in cooler months to just water the saucer under the plant to prevent fungus gnats and fungal diseases. Don’t leave plants sitting in water for more than 24 hours in winter. Unestablished plants and container specimens may require more frequent watering especially over summer.

Soil Type 

Looks its best when grown in moist fertile soil. Can adapt to most soil types not heavy clay. Good drainage

Fertilizing requirements 

Mid spring, mid summer, early Autumn. Container plants can be fertilised less often with a slow release formula like Osmocote. Seasol monthly.

Victorian Growth rate 


Max and Minimum Temperature tolerance

Needs shelter from frost and hot dry winds. Can tolerate temperatures as low as -1 or -2. hard frosts damage leaves causing black spots.

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