Grasses/Strappy leaf

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  • 500x550.crop.200267_2

    Agapanthus (blue)

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  • images

    Agapanthus (white)

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  • $_20 (1)

    Anna’s Red Flax (Phormium ‘Anna Red’)

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  • black_mondo_2012

    Black mondo grass (Ophiopogon planiscarpus)

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  • Blue Fescue

    Blue festcue (Festuca glauca)

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  • clivia-miniata

    Clivia miniata

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  • Dianella brevicaulis 900

    Dianella brevicaulis (Coast flax lily)

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  • 9fc4aae43c7a3b6bb0c9c9e4c3c641e6--winter-flowering-plants-australia-flower-colors

    Dianella revoluta (Black-Anther flax lily)

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  • dianella little brev

    Dianella revoluta (Little rev)

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  • Tasmanica

    Dianella tasmanica (tasman flax lily)

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