Grasses/Strappy leaf

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  • Dietes bicolor

    Dietes bicolour (Peacock flower)

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  • dietes-grandiflora-in-landscaping

    Dietes grandiflora (Wild iris)

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  • Dwarf Mondo Grass

    Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus ‘nanus’)

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  • pennisetum-10-plants-in-the-landscape

    Green fountain grass

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  • Knobby Swamp grass

    Knobby club rush (Ficinia nodosa)

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  • liriope-royal-purple

    Liriope Grass (evergreen giant)

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  • Liriope ElMarco

    Liriope muscari ‘El Marco’

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  • Lomandra Longifolia

    Lomandra Longifolia

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  • Lomandra

    Lomandra longifolia (Basket grass)

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  • Red_Ginger_ls_2

    Ornamental Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

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