• Margaret River Grass tree

Margaret River Grass Tree (Xanthorrea Preissii)

Grass trees have a lifespan of up to  600 years and are some of the oldest living plants on the earth. They embody the spirit of the Australian bush, and in many areas, they are on the brink of extinction by a combination of reckless land clearing and urban development.

Bring an element of prehistoric times to your landscape, whether your project is a commercial building surrounds, public park, school grounds or your own garden or driveway.

All our stock is potted and nurtured for 18 months and using our advanced root conditioning system gives our plants the best possible chance.

All Margaret River Trees are individually priced based on size and number of heads

Contact us now to discuss your project and how The Margaret River Grass trees can take your design to the next level.

We have a professional team on stand by to assist with delivery and planting of these icon grass trees to ensure they will remain a feature for hundreds of years

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