Chinese Windmill ( Trachycarpus fortunei )


  • Full sun
  • Well drained soil
  • Drought tolerant

Trachycarpus fortunei or Chinese Windmill Palm  is a stunning and truely hardy palm tree bringing a touch of the tropics to any garden.

The Chinese windmill palm or Trachycarpus fortunei is an evergreen palm with a single trunk covered with brown fibres and a rounded crown of large, fan-shaped, dark green leaves. With fragrant yellow flowers in spring, followed by blue-black fruits on female plants. Trachycarpus fortunei is native to mountainous regions of China, Japan, Myanmar and India, where it grows in cool and wet conditions. It is one of the most cold-tolerant palms in the world, surviving temperatures as low as -15°C . It can also cope with windy and shady situations, making it a versatile and adaptable plant for any garden. Trachycarpus fortunei has been cultivated for thousands of years for its strong fibre, used for making rope, sacks and cloth. It is also a popular ornamental palm that can create a striking focal point or a lush backdrop for other plants. Whether you grow it in a container or in the ground, Trachycarpus fortunei will bring an exotic flair to your outdoor space.

200mm pot – $35
300mm pot – $99
400mm pot – $150
45lt bag – $350
100ltr bag – Was $750 – Now $699
1m clear trunk – $2500
1.5m clear trunk – $3500

Light Requirements  

Full shade to full sun




Water regularly all year more in summer then back off over August. Mulch regularly to retain moisture levels

Soil Type 

Prefers moist fertile soil. Can adapt to most soil types. Good drainage

Fertilizing requirements 

The beginning of every season. Container plants can be fertilised less often with a slow release formula like Osmocote. Seasol monthly.

Victorian Growth rate 

Slow/ moderate

Max and Minimum Temperature tolerance

Cold and heat tolerant. Specimens can take frost between -12 and -17

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