Australian Grass Tree (Xanthorrea Johnsonii)


  • Full sun
  • Part shade
  • Very hardy
  • Well drained soil

Xanthorrea Johnsonii is native to Western Australia and grows naturally in sand, loam or gravelly soils. (well-drained soils) in open forest and heath. It is a slow growing perennial shrub with the blackened trunks topped by a dense grassy clump of leaves. They are typically single trunked specimens that can grow up to 4m tall, but multi-trunk specimens may occur which is very rare. It takes decades to reach full maturity and can live up to 600 years. It is rare for the tree to produce a flower spike under 80cm. In good soil though they can flower sooner and even produce more than one spike. The flowering stalk grows at a rate of 2-3cm a day, reaching a height over 3m. Honey-scented flowers normally appear in spring. The flowers are very attractive towards birds, bees and butterflies and the tall woody flower spikes are a wonderful feature.

Avoid any boggy or low-lying spots that hold water during the wet season. The tree grows best in loam or sandy loam, but well drained soil is fine.


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