Margaret River Grass Trees

Creating beautiful Australian landscapes

Known to make any landscaping project stand out. These noble specimens (amongst the oldest forms of existing plant life) are the epitome of raw and natural beauty. They are often used by professional landscapers to bring a certain visual impact to a wide range of commercial projects. But, did you know you can buy direct from True Green Nursery, and create something special in your own backyard?

Xanthorrea preissii Margaret River Grass Trees

All About The Margaret River Grass Tree

(Xanthorrea Preissii)

When you look at a Xanthorrea Preissii / Margaret River Grass Tree you are looking far into the past. With a lifespan of over 600 years, the Xanthorrhoea species is a symbol of Australian bushland heritage (and an incredibly important and useful plant for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people).

About the Family

Despite their name Xanthorrea Preissii / Margaret River Grass Trees (and other varieties of the Xanthorrhoea family) aren’t actually trees. They are, in fact, a very slow-growing type of plant that can eventually reach heights of up to 6m. Flowering can take up to 20 years, but when these plants do bloom it is a spectacular display of numerous creamy-white flowers.


In certain areas of Australia, deforestation and land clearing has meant that these iconic plants are at risk of extinction. The high desirability factor of the Margaret River Grass Tree has also made them a target for those looking to make a quick buck in selling them without the careful cultivation they need to survive.

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Why buy your grass tree from True Green Nursery

When you buy from True Green Nursery, we can guarantee that your Xanthorrea Preissii / Margaret River Grass Tree has been potted and nurtured for at least 18 months using an advanced root conditioning system to provide the best basis for longevity.

Stock is individually priced based on size and number of heads.

Why Every Garden Needs A Grass Tree

Trending look in landscaping
Trending look in landscaping

With their raffia-like skirts and distinctive trunks, these plants provide a dramatic design element in any landscaping application. The Xanthorrea Preissii / Margaret River Grass Tree is the ‘plant of the moment’, equally at home in a Pinterest board or your own backyard. Set against a brilliant Aussie sunset, or illuminated with some strategically placed garden lights, you have the stuff landscaping dreams are made of!

Nature’s resilient wonders
Nature’s resilient wonders

Native to Australia, Xanthorrhoea are fully adapted to their natural environment. The Xanthorrea Preissii Margaret River Grass Tree is part of this botanical family. Therefore, it is not only highly resilient but potentially even fire tolerant. When properly cultivated and cared for, Margaret River Grass Trees can make for some incredibly low maintenance plants.

Protecting Australia’s natural diversity
Protecting Australia’s natural diversity

The Australian Grass Tree holds a special place in the heart of many people. However, they are very much at risk of being wiped out. Our stock comes from only the most ethical of origins. As a proud purchaser of your very own Xanthorrea Preissii / Margaret River Grass Tree you are able to contribute your part in persevering Australia’s biodiversity.

Margaret River Grass Tree Care Guide

Beautifying your garden is easy with the Xanthorrea preissii / Margaret River Grass Tree. However, certain conditions are preferred in helping Xanthorrea preissii to live its best life.


Thrives in position with direct sunlight, but can also do quite well in part shade.

Soil Mixture
Soil Mixture

Margaret River Grass Trees like a well-draining soil mix.


Watering frequency and amount will depend on the environment but do not overwater your tree.


Monthly sugar feed (a cup of brown sugar mixed into a bucket of water).

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