The Best Palms To Plant By Your Pool If You Live In Melbourne

Date Published: 14 Feb, 2017

To create a tropical feel around your pool, palms are your best, if not only option. You simply need to know which palms suit your surroundings.

Palms are favoured because they aren’t always dropping leaves into your pool. Their root balls also won’t damage its surrounding walls or plumbing.

Here in Melbourne, the Cocos Palm is the perfect tree to start with. It is the toughest of the fast growing palms and will form a canopy quicker than other varieties. As well as providing shade to boost your poolside comfort, a good canopy is necessary for planting more exotic palms. Exotic species particularly suited to Melbourne are the Rhaphis Palm, Sugar Cane Palm and Cascade Palm.

The Chinese Windmill Palm, Chinese Fan Palm, Bangalow Palm, Wine Palm, Date Palm, Dwarf Date and European Fan Palm are all tough varieties that love Melbourne’s weather.

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