10% of Every Sale Goes To Wildlife Victoria

Date Published: 6 Jan, 2020
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Australia is facing a painful crisis—with millions of acres burning, millions of animals have died, thousands of homes have been destroyed, and several human lives have been lost.

Just like you, we at True Green Nursery also feel devastated by the impact of these fires on our communities, wildlife, and forests. We are therefore going to donate 10% of every sale to Wildlife Victoria for the next seven days.

How terrible is the impact of the bushfires?

  • More than 10 million hectares of land burnt – This is more than eleven times the amount of land burnt during the 2019 Amazon fires.
  • More than 480 million animals killed – This includes endangered species of mammals, birds, and reptiles.
  • More than 2,500 buildings destroyed in flames – Insurance claims for these losses may top $600 million.
  • 23 people have been killed, and 6 people are missing – This toll has been reported as of 08/01/20 and is predicted to rise as the fires blaze on.

How is Wildlife Victoria helping?

Wildlife Victoria provides the Victorian community with Wildlife Emergency Response Service. Since the last 30 years, it has assisted sick, injured, and orphaned animals that would have otherwise perished.

The not-for-profit receives about 80,000 requests for help each year and saves over 50,000 animals. With the bushfires raging, the number of distress calls has risen exponentially.

To ensure that wildlife shelters and carers around the state continue their lifesaving work, Wildlife Victoria needs help.

The Victorian Bushfire Appeal urges people to donate towards rebuilding enclosures and equipment lost in the fires. Wildlife Victoria will distribute these donations to wildlife shelters and carers.

You can donate here.

Other ways to help:

Although buying our products will help the cause, we also urge our patrons to donate directly to Wildlife Victoria.

You can also help wildlife in the bushfires (courtesy Wildlife Australia) by keeping the following things in mind.

  • Drive Slowly in areas with less visibility due to smoke.
  • Keep water around your property for distressed animals.
  • Report injured, traumatised, and displaced animals.
  • No independent rescuers are allowed on fire grounds. You must have appropriate training through The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

At True Green Nursery, we thank you for your time and your help. Together, we can help a great cause. Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding our products or donations. You can also call us on 03 9743 5932.

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